Goldsmith Awards Program

Alex S. Jones with Chicago Tribune reporters, winners of the 2013 Goldsmith PrizeThe Goldsmith Awards Program, launched in 1991, has as its goal the encouragement of a more insightful and spirited public debate about government, politics and the press. The program includes the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, two book prizes, Fellowships and the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism. The $25,000 investigative-reporting prize has honored pioneering work by teams of journalists from across the country. The book prize has recognized distinguished scholarship by writers examining free speech, public television, race, journalism ethics, and campaign advertising.

Financial support for the Goldsmith Awards Program is provided by an annual grant from the Goldsmith Fund of the Greenfield Foundation.

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Awards Ceremony

Transcripts and video recordings of the Goldsmith Award ceremonies and transcripts of the discussions are available below. To play the videos you must have the latest version of RealPlayer.

A look back on ten years of winners and finalists of the Goldsmith Awards: