Theodore H. White Lecture

Theodore H. White LectureThe Theodore H. White Lectureship on Press and Politics commemorates the life of the reporter and historian who set the standard for contemporary political journalism and campaign coverage. White’s landmark book The Making of the President, 1960, subsequent volumes on later campaigns, and America in Search of Itself, all remain vital historical documents on campaigns and the press. The Theodore H. White Lecture was inaugurated in 1989 with a panel that included R. W. Apple Jr., John King Fairbank and Ben Bradlee and is delivered annually by a noted politician or journalist.

The event is made possible by the generosity of many donors; their names can be found here.


Transcripts of the ceremonies are available in PDF form as well as videos. You must have the latest version of RealPlayer to view the video material.

2012: David Brooks: Learn more; transcript; video
2011: Andrew Sullivan: Learn more; transcript; video
2010: Rachel Maddow: Learn more; transcript; audio; video
2009: Taylor Branch: Learn more; transcript; video
2008: John Lewis: Learn more; transcript; video
2007: Maureen Dowd: Learn more; transcript; video
2006: E.J. Dionne: Learn more; transcript; video
2005: Peter Beinart: Learn more; transcript; video
2004: William Kristol: Learn more; transcript; video
2003: Robert Caro: Learn more; transcript; video
2002: David McCullough: Learn more; transcript; video
2001: Judy Woodruff: Learn more; transcript
2000: Tom Brokaw: Learn more; transcript; video
1999: Garry Wills: Transcript
1998: David Broder: Transcript
1997: William Safire: Transcript; video
1996: Jesse L. Jackson: Transcript
1995: William F. Buckley Jr: Transcript; video
1994: Cokie Roberts: Transcript; video
1993: Daniel Schorr: Transcript; video
1992: Sen. Warren B. Rudman: Transcript; video
1991: Benjamin C. Bradlee: Transcript
1990: Walter Cronkite: Transcript; video